May 30, 2011


I know i havent done any other month's colors but I thought I would give it a go this month.

May 29, 2011

Aydan's Medical Issues

So alot has been going on with our little Aydan lately. Since she was about 9 months old she has had constant diarrhea. We are talking about 6-10 a day on average. The doctor kept putting her on different things to see if it would stop. It never did. When she turned one she started breaking out in hives almost daily. We were giving her ben.adral every night. At this point we insisted on an allergy test because we were pretty sure she was allergic to something. Sure enough the results came back to milk. Let me add that Aydan is a very picky eater but the food she loved eating was dairy. We have tried substituting her favorites with a soy product but she just doesn't like them very much..Once we found this out the doctor wanted to keep an eye on her diarrhea to see if it improved on the new non dairy diet. After about 2 months it became apparent that it was not getting better at all. Also our picky eater child had now turned into a child that did not eat. She was drinking all day but would not eat hardly anything. The doctor told us to withhold all drink and snack to see if she would eat. She went almost 3 days with just picking at her food till I broke down and gave her something to drink. Obviously withholding was not making her eat.

We then took her to a GI specialist to see what they said. They ran a bunch of test that all came back fine and decided that she had diarrhea so bad because she did not eat and just drank. They also ran a diabetes test just to be sure and that was also negative. The GI specialist put her on a stick diet. She is to drink a supplement drink 3 times a day. No soy milk or any other liquid at all. Except for water between meals. She is to be offered 3 meals a day but after 30 minutes if she is not eating it then it is to be taken away and her shake then given to her. She is not allowed anything else till her next meal.

They put her on this stick diet mainly because they labeled her as failure to thrive. Because she is not getting the nutrients she needs every day she is not growing. She has been at the exact same height and weight now for 5 months.

So far she is drinking 2 shakes a day, occasionally 3. She eats breakfast most mornings but does not really touch lunch and dinner. She has another appointment in July to see if maybe it might be something on how she eats, in her throat or swallowing. I maybe it is hurting her and that why she is not eating. We also have a early intervention specialist coming to see if maybe it might be a texture issue. .If you got this far sorry so long but I had to get it off my chest. So much has been going on and sometime I wish I could just pick her up and get her to eat.

May 27, 2011


So yesterday I spoke too soon. This morning while lying in bed, I felt the first little flutters. I love feeling them. This was one of my most favorite times when I was pregnant with Aydan. And to be able to experience it all over again, I have no words for it.

May 26, 2011

18 Weeks To Go

Just a quick post from my I cannot believe that we only have 18 weeks to go! It is so crazy. I have not felt little J move yet but I'm guessing any day now I will. Luckily I go to the doctors every 2 weeks so I get to hear the heartbeat often. I hope everyone is doing great!

May 14, 2011

It's A.....


We are so excited!!!

Do not have alot of time to post today but will try and come back later.

And because she is so stinking cute here are some pictures Aydan.