June 19, 2010

And We Moved!

So At the beginning of May we moved to our own place. I don't know if yall remember or not but we had been living with Teressa's parents to help them out. Both of them are disabled and needed help doing most of the everyday things like cleaning, shopping, doing laundry and most of all the yard work. Back in August right before little Aydan came, Teressa's brother(R) and his wife and their three kids moved in. R had lost his job in the state they were living in and had nowhere to go. It was supposed to be temporary, only a couple of months. Well as of May they were still there.

Two of the kids were sleeping in the nursery that Aydan never got to use and she was in our very cramped room. So we discussed things with mom and dad and R and wife. We decided since R still could not find a job the best thing for everyone would be for them to stay and us to move out. They could live there and help out around the house instead of rent till they got jobs.

And we found a great little apartment, its three bedrooms so R(the little guy we take sometimes) has his own room when he comes to stay the night. Here are some pics of the place. We want to paint still and we have a ton of pictures to put up still but that will come with time lol. I don't have pictures of the kitchen, and our room. We love it, and most important of all Aydan loves it.

The living room
The dining room

Aydan's room

R's room
The bathroom

Aydan is doing great. Getting bigger and bigger everyday. She crawls super fast now and pulls herself up on everything. Nothing is safe any more lol. She has now cut 2 bottom teeth and is eating almost all table foods. She is a very picky eater though we try very hard to get her to eat different things. We go on Wednesday for her 9 month check up. 9 months, I just can't believe it. She is so different from the little helpless one we brought home from the hospital. Shes full of attitude and sassyness. We both believe she has put on weight in these last 3 months. From when she was born and up until she was 6 months she was only in the 5th percentile. Her height was in the 10th but when she was 6 months it had dropped to the 5th as well. I'm guessing she will be 26 inches and 17 pounds. I will post more pictures of her tomorrow.