March 10, 2010

My Internet Is Back!!!

My internet was gone for almost a month and i felt so lost not being able to post and to read everyone's blog. Everything around here is doing great. Aydan is getting so big. Her uncontrollable crying are just about nonexistent now and she just smiles and "talks" so much now. She has started day care because the person who watched her Tuesday and Thursday could not watch her anymore. And because I work at the day care and I get help to pay the tuition, its cheaper for her it be in full time then part time. So Teressa will keep her home on some Wednesday or Friday but she shes with me the rest of the time. Its great having her with me I have got to say. Shes in my classroom so its not like she is even in daycare lol. This is all Ive got time for right this minute, Ill update more tomorrow and with pics .