September 18, 2010

She's Turning One!!!

I have been so bad on posting and I feel terrible. I have a new shift at work now and basically work from 6am to 6pm with a 4 hr break in the middle. And because we moved farther away from my work I stay there and wait to clock back in. Its not fun and I am currently looking for a closer place to work at. I love the kids where I am at but I feel like they just use me because they know I will do it cause I need the job.
But into my little bit. Shes not so little anymore. In a few short days she will be turning one and I can't believe it! We has her birthday party today and she had so much fun. She loved her cake and smashed it to bits and loved her gifts. She did not want to rip open anything and Me and her Mama had to help her. She got a bunch of clothes and some toys. As well as some art supplies so Mama can do art with her during the day while I am at work.
Aydan now has 8 teeth, 4 on the bottom and 4 up top. She is almost walking full time now and is supper fast. She is getting so big so fast and I just want to slow it down lol.
Its been busy around here these last few months. I started going back to school. So when I'm not at work or studying of being with my Aydan I am usually sleeping lol. I will post pics up this weekend sometime I promise.