June 29, 2009

Belly Pics

Here as promised is my latest belly pic. I have been really terrible and have not taken a pic in 7 Weeks! The first one is at 4 weeks, the second is at 13 and the the last is at 27 weeks. I Think I have gotten alot BIGGER. lol.

27 Weeks

We are 27 weeks today! I honestly can't believe we have made it this far. Tomorrow I go for my 1 hr glucose test so hopefully all goes well with that. Teressa, R, myself and Teressa's niece are going on a little trip Friday. We will be driving to St. Louis and to Branson for a much needed vacation before baby. It will be our last trip until April or May next year. The only bad thing is because I'm saving the little time I have for maternity leave I will not be getting paid for the week. It will be a little tight but it will be ok. I'm off to work right now but when I get back I will post my belly pic.

June 22, 2009

Less Then 100

We are 26 Weeks today. We now have less then 100 Days till we meet our little peanut. I cannot wait! She is moving so much more everyday and I love to lay in bed in the morning and just feel her. I really need to post some belly pics though I have been a little lax on taking them. The weeks just keep flying by. Teressa and I went camping this weekend and we had a lot of fun. Though I don't think we will be doing it again this summer. I am not so far along but let me tell you after sleeping on the ground in a tent I am hurting today. We went after I got off work on Friday and its a good thing I got off early because if we had not shown up till 6 when I was supposed to get off we would not have been setting up. It totally down poured from 6 till 9. Luckily Teressa's brother was staying in the next campsite with a camper and we hung out in there till it stopped. When we went to the tent everything had a light mist on it but was relatively dry. Saturday and Sunday were beautiful and we had a great 2 days. I hope everyone had a great weekend and a nice Father's Day.

June 14, 2009


My poor baby is sick. Teressa was up all last night throwing up. And has not been able to keep anything down today. So I have spent all day taking care of her. Baby is doing great, moving around all the time. We did have a little scare yesterday when I had not felt her all day long. So at around 2:30 when we got home we checked the Heartbeat and it was nice and strong. About 5 mins after we found the heartbeat she started kicking. Little stinker. lol. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

June 7, 2009

Nursery Pics and Other Unveilings (lots of pics)

Ok I know I disappeared for a while again and I'm sorry. We have had a very eventful 2 weeks. First off, I am unveiling our names. I battled with this for a while but have decided to go ahead. I am Megan and my lovely Partner is Teressa. The only name I will not tell is R's because I don't have that right. There, Its good to be out. This last week I spent 5 hours in L&D. I have been cramping for about 5 weeks now. No spotting just cramps. Well about a week ago they started to get alot worse. I had my doctors appointment and told him what was going on and he sent me upstairs. They hooked me up to the machines and also took an ultrasound. Everything looked great. Baby was doing great moving all around and I was not having any type of contractions. I am still cramping but as long as everything is fine I can deal with it.
Another exciting news is Teressa can now feel the baby move. I can still only feel her move when I am laying down and sitting. Teressa was so happy yesterday when she felt her for the first time and just had a huge grin from ear to ear. I also can see her move too. That is a sight, just to be looking at my tummy and see it move! I just get a smile every time I feel her move its just so amazing.
We have also finished our nursery. The only thing we really need is baskets for the tables and I have to sew a curtain for the window and a cover for the night stand. I am also sewing a small curtain to cover the hanging cloths. I know it is still really early but Teressa has alot of physical difficulties and I wanted to be able to help her while I could. Without farther ado here are the pics.
Before Pics

Painted w/stripes Without Furniture

Painted w/ Furniture