August 27, 2009

35 Weeks And 3 Days

We are so close to the 36 week mark! We went to the doctor yesterday and everything is still the same. That makes us very happy! I am no longer on bed rest and as of Monday I can go back to work. I cannot lift and I need to be able to sit down frequently but as I work at a day care that will not be difficult. I will only be on call. When they need me, they will call me. Other then that I will not be working. Even if I only work a little bit a week that will be good. Financially we did not plan on me being out of work for 3 1/2 months. Only the 6 weeks. Oh at our doctor visit we found out I cannot donate my cord blood. That was a disappointment. Because of a blood thing I have it makes me ineligible. I will be starting my 2 week visits next week and I will also get to see the little peanut on Monday to see how much bigger she has gotten in the last 4 weeks.

August 17, 2009

34 Weeks

We have now made it to 34 weeks! It just seems like every day is such an achievement. We go to the doctor on Wednesday and here is to hoping that nothing has changed. The laptop doesn't have much battery so I'm going to end this post with pictures of what I have been up to this last week. I have crochet a sweater and 3 dresses as well as a little hat and only 1 booty so far. I will make a matching hat and booties for the other 2 dresses.
Pink Dress
Purple and Multicolored Dress
Blue and Green Dress
Blue and Green Hat and Booty

August 13, 2009

33 Weeks and 3 Days

Im 33 weeks and 3 days now. Our next goal is only 2 weeks and 4 days. If our little peanut stays put til then, then I will be allowed to walk around. No going back to work but I don't have to stay in bed. We went to my doctors appointment yesterday and nothing has changed. I'm still 2.75 dilated and 50% thinned and she is still high up. I will be checked again next Wednesday. Peanut is growing good measuring on target. I on the other hand lost 5 lbs in a week. I don't know how that happened because all I do is eat. My gestational diabetes is doing so-so. I was put on insulin just at night but yesterday it was upped and I now take it before lunch in addition to before dinner. Not doing to bad on bed rest. I crocheted a little sweater and it turned out really cute. I will def. take a pic and post it later.

August 11, 2009

Pre-Term Labor and Bed Rest

So much has happened since I had my shower at work and I have not been able to tell yall. The weekend after my shower at work I had my shower with family and friends and it was just wonderful! We received lots of great things and cute little clothes. Unfortunately I have no pictures to show you of everything because of what happened next. I went in on Wednesday for my doctor's appointment and right before that I started bleeding very red blood. They sent me straight to Labor and Delivery and hooked me up to the machines. Turns out I'm having small but frequent contractions. They check my cervix and I am dilated to 1. I am monitored for a while longer and am still contracting. I don't feel them but I see them on the monitor. They checked me again and I am now dilated to 2.75. They then hurry up and put me on meds to stop the contractions and also start giving me steroid shots to help her lungs out just in case. After about 3 hours on the medication to stop them, the contractions finally stop. They checked my cervix often but no change has happened since. I spent the next 5 days in the hospital being checked and monitored. On Friday they stopped the medication and watched me for a whole 24 hours to make sure they did not start up again. They didn't. I was able to come home on bed rest on Sunday. So home in bed is where I will be til I am 36 weeks, at which point I will be given alittle more freedom. I am 2.75 centimeters dilated and 50% thinned out. We just want this little one to stay put a little longer.