February 27, 2009

9 weeks and A Picture

I had my ultrasound today and everything is looking good. The baby is measuring 9w0d so spot on. The heartbeat was a nice 169 bpm. The bleeding looks to have stopped and i am so happy for that. We saw the baby moving it's little arms around and it was so cute. I am very tired so I am going to say good night and here is a picture of the little peanut.

February 22, 2009

Taking It Easy

Not much going on. I'm taking it easy. Things are changing at work. They are going to put me back in the little baby room (goes up to 6 months) working 8-5. So no more split shift for me :). And I will not be alone ever. Because there are a couple of the little ones I still cannot lift. I think I'm going to like it, especially the not closing part. It will be nice to get home at 5 everyday instead of 6. A few weeks ago I made a couple of outfits for the 2 girls at my work that had babies. Here are a couple of picts.

They are made of fleece and very easy to make. The little girls was a little big but not to big. His fit just right. I love to sew. I am with them everyday and I do really good but every now and then I look at them and think mine should be here soon. We were all pregnant at the same time but we were all 3 months apart. So it's a little sad sometimes but I think I'm doing really good with it.
I have not had any spotting, very good sign. I'm going to be having an ultrasound done on Thursday and by the grace of me I will get a pic this time. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

February 18, 2009

Date Change

I had to change my week because according to my u/s I am only 7w5d today. Which according to my ovulation day would also be correct. I am going back to work tomorrow since I have had no spotting. I'll just be on light duty. That also means that I will not be in my baby rooms since often I am by myself and cannot lift the bigger ones. I will be will the 4s or 5s. Don't get me wrong I love all the kids but the babys are more of my zone. I guess I will find out everything for sure tomorrow.

February 17, 2009

Bed Rest Update

Just a small update. I'm still in bed and TP is just waiting on me hand and foot. :). I have not started spotting so that is really great news. Other then that nothing much else is going on. Being in bed is driving me insane and TP too I'm sure lol. But it is all for the best little thing in the world.

February 16, 2009

8 Weeks

I am at 8 weeks today and am on bed rest for the rest of today and all of tomorrow. I went to work this morning and no sooner then I get there I start cramping on my left side. I'm all in a panic because it hurts pretty bad. No spotting though so that's good. My boss tells me to go, and I pick up TP and head to the er because my doctors doesn't open til 10 and its only 7. After spending 5 hrs at the hospital they tell me that they see a cyst on my left ovary and to go see my doctor. I call the doctor and she tells me to come in right away. I get there and she takes me back. She looks over the report and says the cyst she is not worried about, what they did not tell me is that a have a very little bleeding behind the placenta on the implantation site. So she puts me on bed rest and progesterone. I also can not lift over 15 pounds at work for 1 month. So here I am going crazy on a borrowed laptop lol. Peanut is measuring very good and 7w3d and had a nice healthy heartbeat at 163 bpm. So that makes us very happy. It just seems that things like to happen at 8 weeks for us. Last time our spotting happened then. So far so good on that front. So far we have had 3 ultrasounds and no picture to take home with us hopefully on the next one in 3 weeks lol.

February 11, 2009

7th Anniversary

*I wasn't worrying about my weight. I was just saying I have no pants to wear. Lol.*
So Monday was TP and mine's 7th anniversary. I can't believe it's been 7 years. I love her as much as the first day and a whole lot more. We didn't do anything really because we went out on the weekend. But we did exchange cards and had a nice dinner at home (That she cooked). It was a nice evening. We had to take Mercy in to the vet today to get fixed. Poor baby and we miss her already. She has to stay the night because the vets closed to early for us to get her. I made an appointment for my next ultrasound for Friday the 20th. I cant wait to see our little peanut and to see it's little heart beating.

February 9, 2009

7 Weeks Today

So I am at 7 weeks today! Very exciting. Everything is going really good so far. No spotting and I think if I get past week 8 with none I will start to feel better. TP and I just want to get past the 13th week. I know though that until I get to week 17 I won't relax all the way. I have started to break out so bad. This is definitely a pregnancy thing because I never breakout. They are right on my hairline so they are not to noticeable. When I was pregnant with Shain I broke out but not this bad. My pants are already starting to get a little snug. I thought that it would be similar to last time when they didn't start to get snug til week 14. But I guess technically this is my second pregnancy so I was told that I would start to stretch sooner. The bad thing is I have no bigger size cloths to wear. Before I got pregnant the first time I had just lost 50 pounds. While I was pregnant, because I was spotting I wasn't allowed to do anything, I gained 18 pounds. After the loss I was so depressed that I gained 25 pounds back. So I am back into the size I was before I lost all my weight. So no bigger cloths

February 7, 2009

Doctor Visit

We had our doctor visit today and everything went great. She was very pleased how the ultrasound went and says we are measuring well. We will have another one in 3 weeks so we can be able to hear the heartbeat. The weekend so far has been great. TP took me and R to Medieval Times tonight and we had a blast. TP has been before but we had not. I loved it and I could tell R loved it too. I hope everyone has a great weekend, I am now off for some much needed sleep :).

February 4, 2009

2nd Ultrasound

I don't know what it is with these places but I still have no picture to show you. We did not see the baby but we did see the gestational and yolk sac. So that is an improvement from last time. No heartbeat yet still a little to early. I'm measuring a few days shy of 6w2d at 5w6d but I also ovulate a few days later too. I'm sure my doctor is going to want another one in 2 weeks, hopefully at that time I will get a picture and a heartbeat. I'm back off to work now.

February 1, 2009

Random Post

First off I would like to say Happy 1st of February everyone and Happy Superbowl Sunday to all that watch that kind of thing. (I'm not a football person) Not much is going on here, just working and more working. I filed my income taxes, which all of it is going into savings for Peanut. TP and mines anniversary is coming up next week so we celebrated a little early and got a wii fit. We will be trying it out as soon as I finish this post lol. Tomorrow marks 6 weeks. No symptoms yet except for a little queasiness every now and then but nothing real bad or anything. I'm off to play some wii and then for a night of Big Love, The L Word, and United states of Tara.