July 25, 2009

Surprise Baby Shower

So yesterday I had a Surprise baby shower at work. I knew that they were going to throw me one because they throw everyone at work one (I work at an all female staff). I was really surprised though because I wasn't expecting it so soon. I thought it would be an about 3 to 4 weeks. There was a ton of yummy food (alot of which I couldn't eat) but I did eat small amounts and ate at my times I was supposed to eat at. And I was under where I am supposed to be sugar wise! So I did not eat bad. I received alot of cute stuff. The list included
  • Several bottles of lotion, shampoo, and body wash

  • a couple of bottle brushes

  • several blankets (receiving and regular)

  • alot of onesies and outfits
  • bath tub

  • swaddler

  • several bath towels

  • mitten

  • sleepers
  • outlet covers
  • headbands
  • shoes
  • pacifiers
  • bibs
  • a bouncer
  • a couple of books
  • and a gift card
There was alot of PINK stuff! lol. There was alot of stuff and I loved it all. It was alot of fun even though I hate to be the center of attention. But I guess I better get used to it.

I never said how my doctors went. I was given my diet and I have 1 week to get my sugar under control. If not then i will have to go on insulin. Other then that everything is doing great. Little Aydan is on target size wise right now so that is great and my weight gain is no bad. Though a little more then I would like. lol. But good for the doctors. I will leave you with a couple of pics of the stuff I received.

(The spacing is really wonky but I can't seem to fix it)

July 17, 2009

Update On New OB

So it's not really a new Ob. I'm going to the hospital. I will be going there every week for the next 6 weeks and then twice a week for the last 4 weeks or until I have little Aydan. I will see a different doctor at every visit and I will not know the doctor that will deliver me. We are not liking this very much. But whatever we have to do for the little one we will do. I will probably go on insulin but I will know for sure on Wednesday. When I go every week it will be for at least 3 hrs. I will see a doctor, a nutritionist and a diabetic doctor every week and I also will have a non stress test for an hr every time. I will have an ultrasound in 2 weeks and again at week 36. They will see if she is getting too big and if she is schedule me to either have a c-section or be induced. That's all I know until Wednesday. Tomorrow I will post pics from our vacation.

July 15, 2009

New Everything

I know I said I was going to post pictures but I will get to them promise! Alot has been going on over here this week. The nutritionist I thought I was going to see wasn't. Its a high risk doctor. I went to my doctor today and the receptionist asked me if I had had my consult yet because they were handling me over to them. I told her no I haven't been able to get anyone on the phone. She tells me they will have an appt. for me before I leave. Yes the people I have been trying to get ahold of for over a week still have not gotten back to me. Well yes they did, once, to tell me I couldn't make an appt till I talked to the financial people first. I still haven't heard back from her and Ive left about 10 messages. Even a couple on her emergency phone. Nothing. But I did get an appt today. My doctor had to do it but I have it. My doctor I was seeing does not do high risk. And the only doctor that does that my insurance will pay for is over an hr away. I will no longer be delivering at the hospital I thought I was going to be 25 mins away from home. But a hospital I have never seen an hr away. I don't like this. I don't do change very well and this is a change for everything. I will know a lot more on Friday evening and def will tell yall everything then. Wish me luck, I think I need some.

July 11, 2009


Well just a really quick update because we just got back into town. We had a wonderful time on our trip bit its really great to be back home. I'm exhausted. My 3 hr test came back high so I do have GD. It really bums me out but there isn't much I can do about it. I got to the doctor on Wednesday and Ill have a lot of questions for him. Ill post more about our vacation later and pics too of course but for now I'm going to go lay down for a much deserved break.

July 2, 2009

3 Hr Test

So I had my 3 Hr test and I wont know how I did until Monday. Lets just say I don't think I did too well. Before we left for the hospital I took my blood and after fasting for 12 hrs my sugar was at 131. And that was not with the glucose drink in me yet. But I still have my fingers crossed and on Monday I will find out for sure. I really wanted to find out before we left on vacation but it was not meant to be. We will be heading out first thing in the morning and will not be back until Sunday the 12th. Hope everyone has a happy Forth of July. I will post when we get back and I will have lots of photos to share as well.

July 1, 2009


So I got a call from the doctors today saying I failed my 1 hr test. The result should not be over 135 and I was at 199. So tomorrow morning I will be at the hospital at 6:15 am for 3 hrs. At this point I'm not quite sure what to think about all this. I don't know how tomorrow will go but I should know before I leave the hospital how I did. I will let you all know when I know. Wish me luck.