December 22, 2010

TTC #2

So we have decided to try for a second. Its something we've talked about back and forth for a while now but we feel now is a good time. We have actually been trying for 5 months now so for someone that it took the first time both times, I'm having a bit of a hard time. I got really lucky the last times and I'm seeing that now. Our next try will be on my birthday and maybe I'll get a wonderful belated birthday present in the form of a Bfp. Keep your fingers crossed for us. If by luck it does work this time, Aydan and the new little one will have very close birthdays. I was hoping to avoid this but I don't want to not try this month because then I will feel like this could have been the month if you understand what I mean.
(hopefully this cute little face will get to be a Big sister)