November 10, 2009

Question 1

So 2 moms with a plan asked what was the best and worst thing about being a mother.
I'll start with the worst first for me. I hate when she cries and nothing soothes her. When she cries and cries and nothing I do helps. It makes me feel like a terrible mother. That I am not doing something right. I know that this is ridicules to feel this way but it doesn't stop me. Luckily these long crying bouts are getting shorter and father between. And she is smiling a little now so that makes it better too.
Teressa also thinks that this is the worst thing too. And I'm sure as she gets old it will continue to be the same. Things like thinking and I a good enough mother?, Am I providing the best life I can give her? and so on.
The best thing for both of us is just having her, being privileged enough to be her mother. Knowing she is mine to have and hold and love. For a while I never thought I would get here. I was reaching the age I was told not to pass to have children. And then I got pregnant and then I lost him. So for me just having her is the best thing in the world. To one day in the future having her say mama, and I love you. For her to grasp my finger in her hand and smile at me. It just melts my heart. To look at me with her big eyes and just trust me.
Here is one picture, the rest have to wait till I can edit some of them.

November 9, 2009

No Takers?

No takers on my free for all question answering? Oh come on, I know there has got to be something someone wants to know. I get my pictures tomorrow so I should be able to post them up tomorrow or Wednesday. My boss said that they turned out really good. Other then that now much else but working and working and then spending time with my baby. I can't believe she is already 7 weeks old. Shes almost 3 months how crazy is that. Which means in about 2 weeks Ill do another set of pics here at my house. I'm' trying to learn to take better pictures. We shall see if she cooperates for us.

November 8, 2009


Today we were so busy and now I'm exhausted. We went to church this morning and then had to run a whole bunch of errands. We are just now getting home. I really dont know if I'll be able to keep up this posting everyday thing. There are just not enough hours in the day. I hope everyone had a good weekend.

November 7, 2009


So the last couple of days our little one has started to smile at us. Not very often but they are definitely smiles. Every time she gives me one my heart melts. I love it. I can spend hours just watching her. Her eyes are starting to focus more on us now and she just looks and looks. You can tell she is actually looking at you and not through you. Everyday I just marvel that I have her.
We did get some pictures done with her dress but I wont have them til Monday or Tuesday to put them up. She did very good and we were able to get a good 20 minutes without her paci but for the rest 30 mins she has it in her mouth. I think some of them will come out very good.
I'm putting this out there to everyone. Sometimes I don't have much to say so in order to get through posting everyday I would like to answer questions from ya'll. I did this way back in January during a tww and there were some really good questions. SO whatever you got, give it to me. I'm pretty open and will talk about most everything.
And just because I can, here is anouther pic of little Aydan

November 6, 2009

Not Much

Sorry not much going on over here. Sick baby and a sick mommy. Nothing serious but we both have a slight head cold. We are going to try and get pictures of her in her christening outfit for her christening/blessing ceremony at out church next month. We'll see if she feels up to it. I can tell I'm back at work at the day care because for the last 4 months I have not been sick. Now I go back and a week after I'm sick.
At work we have gotten our first case of N1.H1. WE had to totally disinfect our entire center with bleach water. Normally we bleach before we go home. But toys that were not played with we did not have to. Today everything was done. Hopefully we have no more cases but I think we will this season.

November 5, 2009

Fall Pictures Take Two

Here is the second take on her fall picts that i did. she was not very happy on this day but I did manage to get some cute pics in. sorry not a longer post. my sick little one did not sleep well last night.

November 4, 2009

Doctor's Visit

Thanks Jilliebean for your great advice. We do own the book but we have not watched the dvd, i will have to look at the library. We put gas drops in all her bottles and we swaddle her because it is the only way she will sleep. We will just keep trying and doing different things, seeing what helps.

Tomorrow she goes for her first sick doctor's visit. She has been congested for the last 2 weeks and it's not getting any better. In fact she now sounds worse and shes not eating very well. We have had to give her pedi.lite the last couple of days because she just is not eating the formula. At least we are getting some fluids in her. I'm leaving this post with a picture of her in her costume again.

November 3, 2009


We are not quite sure but we think she has it. Shes good at night, all swaddled. But during the day, if she is not eating or sleeping she is crying. In order for her to stop you have to be moving with her. Either in the bouncy chair or the rocker. Even just walking with her and bouncing her around makes her stop. Shes fine if you do these things. But it makes it hard to do anything because you can't put her down. Now that she has the swing we can put her in there for a little bit and do things we need to do. Does anyone know anything about colic or any advice? We even have her on a formula that is supposed to help it. At least she is not spitting up any more.

November 2, 2009

Back To Work

So today I started back to work. I am very sad about it too. I hated leaving my baby and all I did was think about her all day long. When I came home for lunch she was sleeping so I didn't get to spend time with her. I just watched her while she slept. Her grandpa ordered her a swing and it came in today. Its all put together and she seems to like it ok. She was fine in it till her pacifier came out of her mouth. She loves that thing so much.
I was very lucky. I was able to go back to work and get 40 hours a week. When I talked to them a few weeks ago they were not sure I was going to even have 30. So I'm working 8:30 to 5:30 in the toddler room. I'm not with my babies but I like the tods.
I'm heading to bed. Not getting the best sleep plus working all day equals one tired mommy.

November 1, 2009


So i'm going to try this. Idon't know if it will work or not but I'm going to give it a go. We will see if im able to make it every day. Things have been alittle crazy around here and tomorrow will be a bigger post. We think we might have a little baby with a case of colic. I hope everyone had a great Halloween. I will leave today's post with a pic of our little pumpkin.