May 23, 2009

22 Weeks In, 18 More To Go

To see that up there is a little bit scary. 18 more weeks. 18. I know technically I have a couple more days till 22 but that's ok. lol. We have made great strides in the nursery. The room is completely cleared out and the carpet has been steam cleaned. We have the paint ready to go and that will start tomorrow. I'm so excited I cannot wait to get the room done. When we are all done I will post before and after pics.
So the maybe movement I was feeling. Definitely baby. I only feel her when I'm laying down in the morning or evening. They feel like little nudges or twinges. It has got to be the weirdest feeling in the best way possible. While TP and I were listening to her heartbeat tonight, we heard her kick or punch. As soon as I felt her inside you heard a bump on the doppler. It was so cool and TP was just grinning away.
I have definitely started to see a difference in my stomach. When I download my pics Ill post my most recent ones. TP and everyone else has noticed a difference for a while now but not me. But I looked at myself in a mirror the other day and I had to take a double take. I can't wait till I get even bigger. lol.

May 18, 2009

Maybe Movement?

So far i have not felt any movement from my little peanut. But this morning laying in bed before I got up for work, I swear I felt a little something. Just like a little flutter or nudge. I don't know if it was peanut or not because I have not felt anything else since. Time will tell.
Also I think its time we got some names on here. I'm still not going to put our real names up but maybe some nicknames for all of us, Me TP and R. I just cant come up with anything. If any of yall have any suggestions let me hear them. I was just thinking of using middle names but not sure. Thanks In Advance.

May 17, 2009

I'm Back!

Ok I am back! My computer was all out of sorts for almost 2 weeks. I can't believe it. I have missed so much and have playing alot of catch-up. A lot has gone on over here at our place. Since we found out it's a girl we have since bought lots of stuff! lol. We went a little crazy in buying some cloths. We found some great deals on 0-3 and 3-6 month outfits on clearance at a lot of places and we just could not pass it buy. They are are things that will be good for her in the chilly times that will be Oct-March. We were given a crib, 2 changing tables (1 will be used as a shelving unit), a great baby monitor, a pump that was never used (and for free at that, I really want to breastfeed), oh and a dresser and a bassinet. We also got a great deal on a car seat and jogging stroller. We have registered and we have booked a pre-baby vacation for the 4th of July. We have picked our theme for the nursery and have picked out the paint for the walls. We are hoping to start painting in the next couple of weeks. Well TP will be painting while I just stay out of the way of the fumes.
We also had an elective ultrasound done this weekend that we got to take R to. And it was just great. We got confirmation that it is indeed a girl and we also got a look at her in 3d. It was just amazing. We will be going back in the middle of July to have a really good 3d/4d ultrasound done and we will be 31 weeks then. I'll post some pics at the end. I was afraid R was not going to be happy when we found out it was a girl because he wanted a boy so bad. But so far he has taken it great. He loved seeing the ultrasound and watching peanut move around. After the ultrasound we took him to the zoo and just had a blast. When we got home we were so tired and he just went straight to bed. We went to church this morn and then dropped him back at home. Sometimes it's really hard to do that, drop him back off. I mean I know that he is not ours and I'm so grateful that we get to see and spend so much time with him, but I feel as though we have joint custody of him. We have been taking him since he was 2 and anything we do we do with him. It's just hard sometimes.
As promised, if you have gone this far, is some pics of our little Peanut.

May 5, 2009

It's a GIRL!

The tech is pretty sure it's a girl. We could not get a great shot between the legs but we did see enough to determine there was nothing between there. We are both a little surprised but we are very excited. Its heartbeat was 141 and measuring at 19w3d.Here are the two pics they gave me.

May 4, 2009

19 Weeks

Ok I am getting terrible at blogging here. But in my defense it has been a terrible week/end. Thursday I started having really bad cramping and sharp pains in my lower abdomen. TP and I head to the er because it is 10 pm. We get to the er and because there are a million people there worried they have the bi.rd fl.u we wait for 45 mins before they take us back. When we do get in out room it is another 2 hrs before our nurse comes in and gives my an iv. Now I am not one for needles but but she def did not put it in good. The whole time shes putting it in I'm going ow ow ow and she just keeps going. I tell her it really hurts and she tells me its fine. She leaves and every time I move my arm it hurts.My doctor finally gets in about 1 hr later and I tell her what I'm feeling and she feels around my stomach and then says shes not quite sure why I'm hurting. She then runs a portable ultrasound on me and says see the baby is fine. She then sends me home.
Well Sunday morning the cramping gets a lot worse and back to the er we go. This time was alot better. We listened to peanut's heartbeat and they sent me for an ultrasound. A real one this time. Turns out I have a pretty big fibroid on my uterus. We feel alot better now but we will be asking the doctor some questions tomorrow when we see him. We also have our official 20 week ultrasound tomorrow night and hopefully we will find out what peanut is. I am now off to more laying in bed because the cramping doesn't hurt so bad then.