October 26, 2009

Fall Pic Photo Session 1

I was going to have a friend of mine take some pics but her kids keep getting sick and her studio is in her house. So I took some myself but these are not all that I am going to do. She started getting upset so I will do more tomorrow. What do you think of my first attempt at this? The only thing I didn't like is having her diaper on but she wouldnt let me take it off lol.

October 23, 2009

It's The Weekend!!

We are going to our annual retreat for church this weekend. We spend alot of time just being with the people in our church and relaxing. It will be much different then last years retreat. Last year we had just lost Shain 2 weeks before and this time we will be taking our almost 5 weeks old little one. It should be alot of fun. I know that Aydan will be held alot there because the woman just can't get enough of her! I hope everyone out there has a great weekend.
Oh here are some pics. I have a new photo editing software and this is what I have done so far on some of my pics. How are they? Let me know what you think.

October 21, 2009

Pics Galore and A Doctor's Visit

(No takers on my little give-a-way huh. oh well. I tried)
So we took Aydan for her 1 month check-up. She has gained alittle over a pound since birth weighing in at 7 lbs 10.5 oz. She has also gotten 2 inches longer. Poor baby had to get a shot and screamed the entire time she was getting it. As soon as I picked her up she was fine though. As the title says here is a whole bunch of pictures the first ones are the prof pics I got taken at my work. The other ones are ones from our trip.

October 16, 2009

We're Back! And A Give-A-Way!

We had a good time and yesterday was not as bad as I thought it would be. We didn't really do anything but we talked about him alot and cuddled with Aydan. It was a nice little getaway though we really didn't leave our place. We went to a waterpark one day because we had received free tickets. We had fun even though one of us had to sit out at any given time to be with peanut. We did take her into the kiddie pool and she kinda liked it. I think it was a little more chilly then what shes used to. Her bath waters are always warm. But she dd not scream or cry in it til after being in there for 15 mins. I think we might have a little water baby on our hands! Which is great because I love the water! Teressa and I spent every night in front of a nice warm fire. I wish we could have had more time. I think we really bonded as a family. Aydan has not been as fussy and last night she even slept for 7 hrs! I have pics at the end of our trip.

Now for the giveaway. As yall have read I had to stop breastfeeding. But I have some stuff that I had bought that I now cannot use. The first is an Amed@ purl.ey yours pump. It has been sterilized and is in great condition. I got it for free from someone who never used it and I only used it for 2 weeks. It has all the parts except for the 2 bottles to pump into. But any reg sized bottles will fit and if you use play.tex bottles I am also giving away the adapters for it. Here is the pump.

As above I am also giving away the play.tex one step storage kit. It comes with 2 adaptors that fit on most pumps and 12 sets for the drop in bags. You can pump right into them or into another container and then pour in the the bags. You then can screw the lid on and put them right in the freezer. Mine never made it into the freezer but only because I just never produced enough. Here is the pic of that.

And then I don't know if anyone wants them but I have a box of nursing pads. I did open the box but they are in a zip lock bag. I had bought a big box and barely used any.

Now if you would like any of this leave a comment with your email. If you do not want to leave your email then comment and then email me at megxta@yahoo.com. It will be a first come thing so be sure to comment. And last but not least here are some pics of our trip.

Chillin on the Couch

Our Cabin

Playing Cards


(I will post more pics from the trip over this weekend)

October 10, 2009

One Year Ago

I know she's not 3 weeks yet but we are only a few days away. She is just growing way to fast. I can't believe that she is almost 3 weeks already. And I am halfway through my maternity time. Teressa will be staying home with her and I love that. That they will get to bond and get to know each other so well. I am just going to miss her so much at work. Esp. since I work with little ones all day. I'm going to be taking care of them and wondering how my little one is doing. She has been really fussy the last week. Not quite sure why. She went from sleeping for 4 to 5 hour stints at night to 2 hr stints. And the day is not any better, she only sleeps for 2 hours at a time. Now last night was a little better because after every waking time she did go right back to sleep. But it does make for some very sleep deprived mommies. Other then the sleep though shes doing great. Shes up to eating 3 to 4 oz at each feeding every 4 hrs. She only has about 1 more days worth of breast milk left but she doesn't mind the formula. Though both me and Teressa can tell she like the breast milk best. She eats it much faster. oh can I say what a pain that was drying up. I hurt so bad and finally I said forget it and I pumped to relieve me a little and only got out 1 once. All that pain for nothing. But since I did that I have not hurt and it's been 3 days. So I think its pretty much gone now. Makes me feel really sad.

We gave Aydan her first real bath the other day. Her cord finally came off so she took a bath with me. She loves the water! She didn't like the sponge baths at all. I think she could have stayed in there forever. I have a pic of her after her bath.

We will be gone for a week. We are going away to remember Shain. On the 15th of last year we lost our little boy. We did not want to be home so we are going away. I am not quite sure how I will be on the 15th. I think having Aydan will help a lot but it will still be a very sad day. Oct. 15th also marks the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. So here is to all the people who have lost little ones. I know that little Shain is watching over Aydan and keeping her safe. I will post more when we get back.

October 5, 2009

2 Weeks

Today marks 2 weeks since Aydan made her way into the world. She is getting bigger. Her face is starting to fill out more. She is doing great and is such a joy! We have had a couple of rough nights the last couple of nights. She wakes up and decides she she does not want to go back to sleep. We still have not had to switch her over to formula yet, I think we have at least 1 more week before we will. Tomorrow I am taking her by my work for the girls to see her. They are so excited to met her. I am also having her pic takin while I am there because the center is having pics taken of the kids. We bought a cute little dress and are hoping the pictures come out really cute. Here are a couple pics to leave you with.Sorry not longer, I'm really tired and am going to try to get in a nap. lol.

October 2, 2009

The Bar Is Closing

Well I believe my breastfeeding is coming to an end. As much as I don't want it to. Little Aydan never latched on and every day I pump less and less. No matter how often I do it, nothing is boosting my supple. When my milk first came in I was pumping almost 6 oz every 3 to 4 hrs. Now here I am and every time I pump I am lucky if I get 1 1/2 oz. I am waking myself up even when she is sleeping to pump and at this point I am so exhausted its not even funny. I find myself getting frustrated and antsy when she is awake because I am so tired. And Teressa tries to tell me to go take a nap but I just can't seem to sleep when she is awake. I did consult a lactation consult again and still no luck. So I think the best thing for all of us is to close shop. Luckily I did produce alot when my milk first came in that I have about 1 weeks worth in the freezer. When that runs out we will be switching to formula.
On another note all together at the doctor's on Monday, She gained 2.5 oz in weight. So she is weighing 6 lbs 9.5 oz. The doctor said she looked great and no sign of jaundice. I have more pics but I haven't downloaded them yet. I promise to do that soon.