October 31, 2008

Going Camping

Well me and my lovely other half are off for the weekend to do a little camping. The weather is being very nice and cooperating. Its a beautiful fall day outside and it is supposed to stay that way all weekend. Think some good thoughts for me because I am leading the children's program Sat. morning. There are going to be 15 children from the ages of 7 to 15 and we are going to make about 8 dozen cookies. Its going to be so much fun, I can't wait.
We went and saw our KD this morning and everything is good to go for when we try again. We had to resign paperwork because are other set was only until we got pregnant. Well since that happened we needed a new set. So everything has been signed and delivered. We are looking at the end of November beginning of December as our next insemination. Fingers Crossed.

October 30, 2008

Went for a couple of visits

So we went for a visit to the doctors yesterday to have my 4 week check-up. Everything looks fine with me and I was given the go ahead to start trying again. He also told me the reason I miscarried is because I had an infection around the placenta and the amniotic sac. He also said that there is nothing that could have been done to stop it. Now just a little info. One week before I went into labor I had some polyps removed from down there. (I do mean labor, contractions and everything and my water broke). Now I can probably bet money that what they did caused the infection because I was having no problem before that. But there is no way to prove that. When I asked the doctor about that all he said that he cannot say whether or not it did. So I'm a little mad right now. You can bet I will not let them do anything down there the next time. No way at all.
As for the other visit. TP and I went to go talk to our KD. Just to find out if he is still willing and able to help us. Well he got called into work a little earlier then normal so we are going to met with him tomorrow morning before TP and I go camping this weekend. Some good news though is that he moved and now he is only about 10 mins from our house. So if we do continue using him it will be alot easier.

October 29, 2008

Hello All

Well hello. This is my first post and I'm quite new to this. I had started another blog when we first started ttc (trying to conceive) but when we lost him at 16 weeks I deleted it. Now I realize that I may have been a little quick to do that. Lesson learned.
Let me start with a little background. Me and my partner TP have been together for 6 years now and we are ready to start a family.I started temping and using opks (ovulation predictor kits) in March. In June we tried for the first time and I got lucky. Worked. Well then we had some bad luck. We lost our little boy at 16 weeks.
We are using a KD (known donor) which so far is working out. We will be starting again hopefully by the new year. Here's to fresh starts.